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Today, we examine how to get promoted in life no matter what season we are walking through. The Bible tells us that promotioncomes from the Lord. How is it that we can flourish in any season of our life? We look at two keys that will promote us no matter what season we go through.


We all deal with disappointment in our lives. But what do we do when we are disappointed with God? In today's message, we examine the disappointment we feel when we are pursuing a miracle and nothing is happening-we just don’t see God moving in our lives. What do we do in this circumstance.


God is speaking to the church and the first thing He is telling us to do is to embrace righteousness. What does that mean? In this message, we look at how to embrace righteousness in our lives and also look at five rewards that righteousness gives us.

 As we continue to look at what God is saying to the church, we examine this question: what is good and what is evil. Can the church redefine what God has said is good and evil or can I just decide what is good and evil to me? We are examining what God is speaking to the church so that our lives will be successful and blessed.

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