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How do I know that I can trust the Bible? Has it changed over time? How can I prove that it is inspired by God? In this message, we will look at all these issues as well as contrasting it to the Koran and other "holy scripture.s" We also offer five proofs of the inspiration of the Bible.In this day of skepticism, we need to know what we believe and be able to prove it.


God has called us to influence our world. But how do we actually do that? What can I practically do to influence the people around me? In this message, we look at several practical things that anyone can do to bring life change to the people around us.


Dive into "What Would Jesus Do?" from our "Changing Our World" series with Pastor Steve. This enlightening sermon explores how we can live like Christ through reconciliation, prayer, and acts of love. Learn the significance of seeing everyone from heaven’s viewpoint, the power of targeted prayer, and the impact of showing faith through service. Join us as we uncover practical ways to influence our world for God's Kingdom, turning everyday encounters into opportunities for change.


God tells us to go into all the world and make disciples. But in real terms, Who is our world and who does God expect us to influence in this world? In this message, we look at who our world is and three reasons why we are to influence them for God and His kingdom.

In today's message, the road out of Moab, we look at how we get out of life when it is at its worst. How do I break the cycle of misery,  strife, and poverty in my life? What choices do I have to make today that will change the course of my life?

In today's message we look at the story of Ruth. Ruth is a story we can all relate to because their life started off great, but they allowed hard times and bad circumstances to make poor decisions that affected their life. How do we recover from the past and poor choices? Check out today's message!



Vision Sunday 2024.  In this message, Pastor Steve talks about three things that God is asking His people to do this year. Are you already doing these three things, listen and find out!



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