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 Why is it that God's word has so many promises in it for me and I still don't have any of them in my life? Why is it that we wait for God to move in our lives and it doesn't seem that He ever moves? In this message, we show you what is stopping God's covenant blessings from flowing into our lives and what to do about it.


God is speaking to us about divine appointments that are coming to us in 2024. In this message, I share how to recognize a divine appointment and how to begin preparing for the coming year.


 In today's message we look at the storms of life that hit us and the three ways that God helps us when we find ourselves in a storm. We all have storms: financial storms, marital storms, storms at work, storms with our children-so how does God's presence in our lives make a difference in our storm? 




 Have you ever found yourself discouraged and felt like there was no way out of your situation? How does God being with us help when we wander through the wilderness in life? We will show you how to get out of discouragement and show you how to get back on track in life.


It's easy to sense the presence of God when things are going good and when you're on the mountain. But how do you take advantage of God being with you when you get bad news?  When life isn’t going the way you thought it was going to go? When you're hurting. When you feel alone. When you're worried, or when you're afraid, or when you're battling depression? In this message, we look at three keys to walking through the valleys of life.


We can’t understand the end times without understanding how God sees Israel and how Satan sees Israel. In this message, we look through God and Satan's eyes at Israel and the church. We also get insight into the current war in Israel and wisdom on what we should do as a result of it all.


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