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Today's message asks the question, "How is it possible for our children and college students to cheer for a terrorist organization while wanting the destruction of Abraham's descendants? We look at how to guard ourselves and our loved ones from deception. We all need to guard our hearts from deception!


In today's message, we examine the four steps that Satan uses to deceive us. We examine how Satan used these four steps to get us to believe his lie. Since deception is the major sign of the end times, we must be just like Paul said-we are not ignorant of Satan's schemes.

The first and most important sign of the end times that Jesus talked about was deception. How do we know if we are even now deceived with what we believe and do? Today's message looks at how and why Satan deceives us and we look practically at some current issues to see if our understanding of those issues is the same as God's.


 In this message, we look at one of the most overlooked and necessary ingredients to supernatural provision in our life-hearing from the Holy Spirit. How do we get divine strategies for our lives and finances? What does it look like? If you need divine strategies, you need this message.

why is it that my dream for my life never happened? Why am I stuck in this terrible job? In today's message, we look at how God takes us through life, how to find and fulfill our dream and the how to understand the field that God has called us to.

Today's message explores how God's blessing works in our life so that we can prosper in the coming times. This message will help you take the first steps towards seeing God's blessing in your life.

Today's message focuses on the very first thing we need to do if we are to find Goshen, a place of abundance in a time of scarcity. And honestly, this is one of the hardest ones. Find out what it is in today's message!

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