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In today's message called building Goshen-Is God speaking to us, we look at what God is speaking through the prophets in the church today and examine whether these words are of God and what to do with them. This message will give you critical information on what you should be doing in the next few years. 



In this message, we look at how to imitate God. We also look at the things that we don't do to imitate Him and the reason why God tells us NOT to do certain things. This study will help you answer why is it that God tells me not to do ________?

 In this message, we see how God's kingdom works-from the throne down to the different angel authorities. Why this is important is that we play a key role in anything that God does on the earth. Where do you fit in God's kingdom hierarchy and what is your responsibility? In this fascinating study on Ephesians 3, you will find your answers!

In this message, we look at Ephesians chapter two where God shows us our past, present and future-all from His viewpoint. We also see who we really are now that we are in Christ and what our position is in Him. This is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible. Understanding who we are changes how we live. You'll see as we look at you through God's lens.


In today's message, we start looking at the book of Ephesians written by the Apostle Paul to the largest church of the first century. As we look at the first chapter, we find a mystery that Paul talks about that is the missing key to receiving anything from the Lord. Check it out here in this message!

In this message, we look at a huge signposts of the last days' culture: unthankfulness. It may not seems like a big deal, but God always responds to unthankfulness. It also brings two dangerous fruits in our life. We also need to see how to guard ourselves against unthankfulness in our life and our children's lives.

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